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The selection of nice and comfortable spectacle frames that are just perfect for you is a serious job that can sometimes fail, because the broad range of products makes the selection difficult: it is hard to decide which frame to choose.

Eagle Vision spectacle shops offer video consultation. Video consultation is a unique service that makes choosing spectacle frames much easier and quicker than trying on as many glasses in front of a mirror.

Video consultations are especially helpful to people whose vision is below average – they simply cannot see their face clearly enough when trying on glasses in front of a mirror.

It is much simpler to make the choice when looking at your face with the new spectacles on a computer screen while wearing your old glasses.

During the process you will be recorded wearing all the frames you like – then you can see how the selected frames fit your face. If you still cannot decide and are left with four pairs of your favourite frames – with the help of our sales staff you can see all the four pairs on the screen and make your choice.

When you have found suitable frames you can also see the intended lenses inside the selected frames on the screen. You can choose from different materials, types of lenses (monofocal, bifocal, trifocal and progressive lenses) and shades of colour – then you can quickly see how various types of lenses fit in your frame. The computer also imitates the changes in the shape and size of your eyes depending on the refraction of the selected lenses – the strength of the glasses.

With the help of the sales staff, different types of frames and lenses are viewed and then tested. The test compares the shape and thickness of the lenses in 3D, compares the weight, simulates the change in the colour of photochromic lenses in sunlight and assesses UV protection.

Check out the video consultation service in all Eagle Vision stores in Tallinn, in Tartu shop and 39 Rüütli St in Pärnu. The service is free and really worth a try.

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