We offer contact lens wearers the opportunity to buy an Eagle Vision certificate, which allows them to purchase contact lenses and eye care essentials at a bigger discount than usual. The certificate also gives contact wearers one free eye check per year and the option to buy a pair of glasses at a discount.

An Eagle Vision certificate gives the holder the following discounts during one year:

  • Contact lenses (except daily disposable and coloured lenses) – 30%
  • Contact lens care products – 20%
  • Periodic eye examination for contact lens wearers free of charge
  • One pair of glasses – 30%
  • All other goods – 15%

All certificate discounts are applicable immediately after purchasing the certificate. The certificate is personal and is valid for a term of 1 year. Certificate discounts are valid for certificate owners and their children (up to 18 years of age) if the owner pays for the purchase himself. Certificate discounts are not valid in our Internet store.

The price of the certificate is €11. Buy a new certificate before the expiry of your existing one and you’ll receive a 50% discount on it!

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Other discount cards

  • ISIC- and ITIC-card

    discount -15% on all goods

  • Estravel Gold card

    discount -10% on all goods

  • Tallink Club One

    discount -10% on all goods

  • Partnercard

    discount -5% on all goods

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