For the daily care of spectacle lenses we offer a broad range of lens cloths, cleansing gels and solutions. Cleaning cloths are available in different sizes and colours. Cloths are made of quality microfibre fabric that maintains its excellent cleansing qualities even after washing.

In addition to the usual cleaning liquids we offer a special solution that protects spectacle lenses from becoming misty – upon regular use, it protects the lens against mist due to temperature fluctuations.

For a more convenient use and better protection of spectacles, we offer spectacle chains, ribbons and cases in different price ranges.

Our range of accessories includes magnifying glasses of different degrees, special screwdrivers for spectacles, prescription swimming goggles, temple tips, spectacle straps for athletes etc.

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  • Contact lenses

    Our long-term experience allows us to offer the largest selection of soft contact lenses in Estonia.

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  • Eyeglass lenses

    You'll find monofocal, bifocal and progressive lenses that fit your needs exactly.

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  • Sunglasses

    Visit us and our friendly customer service staff will help you find the right sunglasses for your price range, face shape and style.

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