Contact lenses

The long-term experience of the opticians and optometrists of Eagle Vision in prescribing and fitting contact lenses allows us to offer the largest range of soft contact lenses.

We offer daily disposable, monthly and long-term lenses. In addition to the usual daily wear and monthly lenses we also have so-called “extended wear” lenses that may be constantly worn for up to one month.

If regular spherical contact lenses are not enough to achieve perfect vision, our experienced optometrists will also help you choose toric or multifocal contact lenses based on your need.

The majority of contact lenses are available in our stores, special order contact lenses are available in 1-6 weeks.

Besides contact lenses, we sell a broad range of products for cleansing, desinfecting and preserving contact lenses. We also offer other contact lens care products and eye drops for dry eyes.

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    Find eyewear cleaning products for daily cleaning. Also spectacle cases, chains, laces and everything else you need.

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  • Eyeglass lenses

    You'll find monofocal, bifocal and progressive lenses that fit your needs exactly.

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  • Sunglasses

    Visit us and our friendly customer service staff will help you find the right sunglasses for your price range, face shape and style.

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