Price list


General eye and vision examination performed by an optometrist20
General eye and vision examination performed by an optometrist when buying spectacles5
General eye and vision examination performed by an ophthalmologist35
Quick consultation7
Measuring internal eye pressure4
Issuing the reading from autorefractometer2
Schirmer's test5
First prescription for contact lenses (when buying contact lenses)*, visit length up to 1 hour35
First prescription for contact lenses, repeat visit20
Prescription for contact lenses (when buying contact lenses)*20
Annual prescription for contact lenses for loyal customers (when buying contact lenses)*5

* does not include the cost of contact lenses.

Making and repairing spectacles
Making spectacles in 1 hour *20
Inserting one spectacle lens4
Inserting one spectacle lens by drilling9
Inserting one bifocal spectacle lens7
Inserting one progressive spectacle lens7
Placing one new temple10
Inserting one special screw2
Placing one nosepad2
Cleaning of a spectacle frame3
Replacing temple tips2
Repairing a rimless frame6
Replacing a nylon cord3
A minor repair of a spectacle frame5
Mailing in Estonia (price starting from)4,50
Mailing outside Estonia (price starting from)6

* making spectacles in 1 hour is available as an express service only in Tallinn at 12 Endla St and 10 Pärnu Road store if we have the necessary lenses in stock.

The customer does not have to pay for the making of spectacles if the frame and/or spectacle lenses have been purchased at Eagle Vision (with the exception of our express service in 1 hour).

Spectacle lenses

Mineral lenses14
Mineral lenses with anti-reflective coating84
High-index mineral lenses with anti-reflective coating64
Plastic lenses30
Plastic lenses with anti-reflective coating50
High-index plastic lenses with anti-reflective coating80
Photochromic mineral lenses58
Photochromic plastic lenses with anti-reflective coating130
Bifocal plastic lenses78
Bifocal plastic lenses with anti-reflective coating190
Progressive mineral lenses200
Progressive mineral lenses with anti-reflective coating240
Progressive plastic lenses with anti-reflective coating216
Mid-distance lenses78

Contact lenses

(30pcs) €
30% off 1 box*
VISIO Daily Aquafinity1,202,403625,20
Dailies Total 15035
Dailies Total 1 Multifocal8156,70
Soflens Daily Disposable3625,20
Soflens Daily Disposable for Astigmatism6042
Biotrue One Day4531,50
Biotrue One Day Presbyopia9063
Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus4229,40
Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus Toric6042
Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort Multifocal7854,60
1-Day Acuvue True Eye4531,50
1-Day Acuvue Oasys with Hydraluxe5135,70
1-Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism6948,30

* You get a 30% discount when buying a whole box (30 pcs) of daily contact lenses.

EXTENDER WEAR CONTACT LENSES1 pc €Pair €Box (6 pc) €Certificate discount
Pure Vision102057-30%
Pure Vision Multifocal108-30%
Pure Vision 2 HD122472-30%
Pure Vision 2 Multifocal111-30%
Pure Vision 2 for Astigmatism120-30%
AirOptix Aqua Night & Day51 (3 tk)
96 (6 tk)
MONTHLY CONTACT LENSES1 pc €Pair €Box €Certificate discount
VISIO Hydrogel102030 (3 pcs)-30%
Frequency 5524 (3 pcs)-30%
Acuvue Oasys54 (6 pcs)-30%
AirOptix plus Hydra Glyde33 (3 pcs)
63 (6 pcs)
Proclear34,50 (3 pcs)-30%
Soflens Toric84 (6 pcs)-30%
Soflens Multifocal96 (6 pcs)-30%
AirOptix for Astigmatism54 (3 pcs)
99 (6 pcs)
AirOptix Aqua Multifocal54 (3 pcs)
99 (6 pcs)
Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism99 (6 pcs)-30%
Visaq Unika 5522,50 (3 pcs)-30%
Frequency Xcel Toric39 (3 pcs)-30%
Frequency Xcel Toric XR87 (3 pcs)-30%
Biofinity Toric51 (3 pcs)-30%
CONVENTIONAL CONTACT LENSES1 pc €Pair €Box €Certificate discount
Optima FW64 (4 pcs)-30%
Hydron Z63978-30%
Hydron Z6 RX83166-30%
COLOURED CONTACT LENSES1 pc €Pair €Box €Certificate discount
Alluring Eyes 1-Day (daily disposable)30 (10 pcs)-15%
Expressions Colors (monthly lenses)1428-15%
Freshlook Dimensions (monthly)32 (2 pcs)
54 (6 pcs)
Freshlook Colors (monthly)32 (2 pcs)-15%
Freshlook Colorblends (monthly)32 (2 pcs)-15%
Airoptix Colors (monthly)44 (2 pcs)-15%
Alluring Eyes (monthly)24 (2 pcs)-15%
Colors Fusion (monthly)24 (2 pcs)-15%
Starlens Superstar Life UV (monthly)2448-15%
Starlens Supra 55 UV (monthly)2448-15%
Soflens Natural Colors (monthly)62 (2 pcs)-15%
Starlens Starsoft 66UV (6 months)65130-15%