Advice to buyers

1. Glasses

1.1. store your glasses in a spectacle case wrapped in a microfiber cloth to avoid damage by shaking the case;
1.2. regularly check the screws in the frames;
1.3. go to an optician’s if your glasses need to be bent or if screws need tightening;
1.4. clean your glasses with the special care products sold at the optician’s and only use a clean and soft cloth for cleaning;
1.5. put your glasses on and take them off with two hands;
1.6. do not put your glasses on a hard surface so that the lenses come in contact with it;
1.7. do not leave your glasses in direct sunlight in the car or on the beach;
1.8. do not wear glasses in the sauna, prevent your glasses from coming into contact with hot air and boiling water, be careful when opening the oven door;
1.9. do not wear your glasses pushed up in your hair.

2. Contact Lenses

2.1. clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses every time after taking them out;
2.2. clean your lenses in a closed container filled with solution;
2.3. always use fresh and clean solution. Do not use different care products at the same time. Only use the cleaning products specified by the optician or optometrist;
2.4. follow the instructions given by the optician or optometrist when cleaning and handling your lenses;
2.5. never put your lenses in your mouth and do not use spit, tap water or other liquids not meant for this purpose when cleaning your lenses;
2.6. prevent your lenses from coming into contact with aerosols or sprays;
2.7. always put your lenses in your eyes before applying makeup. Use water-based makeup;
2.8. only use eye drops, ointments or other medicines prescribed by an optician;
2.9. take the lenses out of your eyes and contact your optician or optometrist immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms: pain in either eye, redness in eyes, blurred vision, excessive flow of tears, over-sensitivity to light;
2.10. use goggles when swimming with your lenses in.

3. Settlements

3.1. To certify the entry into the contract and guarantee the performance thereof, the Buyer shall pay a prepayment whose amount may not be less than one-half of the purchase price of the item. Upon failure to perform the contract by the fault of the Buyer, the prepayment shall remain for the Seller. Upon failure to perform the contract for any other reason, the party to the contract who made the prepayment may require refund of the prepayment.
3.2. The Seller shall, as an exception, maintain the right of the Buyer to the object of the contract for three months after the item specified on the sales receipt has been prepared and given at the disposal of the Buyer.

4. Right to file complaints

4.l.The Seller shall be liable for the item corresponding to the term and conditions of the contract if this appears within two years after the item was handed over to the Buyer. The principle of reasonability shall be proceeded from when this provision is applied, incl. the useful life established by the manufacturer for the item.
4.2. In the event the item does not correspond to the terms and conditions of the contract, the Buyer shall notify the Seller thereof immediately, but not later than within 2 months after this was noticed.
4.3. The obligation to prove the reason why the item does not correspond to the terms and conditions of the contract shall rest with the Buyer if 1 year has passed from when the purchase was made.
4.4. The Buyer shall have the right to demand that the item be repaired free of charge and its replacement if repairs are not possible in the event defects are found in the item.
4.5. When notifying the Seller of defects that have appeared in the item (art. 4.2.), the Buyer shall submit to the Seller the defective item, the sales receipt and the original packaging in the event the item is contact lenses or spectacle lenses.
4.6. The Seller shall not be liable for defects in the item if:
4.6.1. the deficiencies have arisen by the fault of the Buyer;
4.6.2. the Buyer has breached the item’s usage and care terms and has not adhered to these guidelines when handling and maintaining the item;
4.6.3. the claim regarding contact lenses is submitted later than within 10 days from the day the contact lenses were taken into use;
4.6.4. the claim is submitted without following the valid deadlines;
4.6.5. the defective item, sales order, sales receipt and the packaging if contact lenses or spectacle lenses, have not been enclosed with the claim;
4.6.6. the shortcomings appear upon processing of the purchased goods by third parties.
4.7. To file a complaint, the Buyer shall turn to the store where the purchase was made.
4.8. If the Buyer and the Seller are not able to settle the dispute by agreement, the Buyer may contact the Consumer Dispute Committee (Endla 10a, Tallinn, +372 6201707). Review the procedural rules and submit a complaint
4.9. In addition to the rights arising from the right to file a complaint, the Buyer shall also have any other rights arising from legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

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