Your new sunglasses are waiting you at the Eagle Vision eyewear store! Come on by and our friendly customer service staff will help you find the right glasses for your price range, face shape and style. Most importantly, when choosing sunglasses from us, you can be sure that your eyes are protected from harmful UV radiation.

Polarized glasses

Eagle Vision also offers polarized sunglasses for men and women. Eyewear with such glasses reduce interfering reflections and increase contrasts in addition to providing UV protection. These glasses are especially suitable for use at the driving wheel or, for example, at sea, but are also appropriate for everyday wear.

Optical glasses

If you wear conventional glasses, the best option is to have sunglasses with optical glasses. This means that the eyes are protected and the eyesight is as clear as with ordinary glasses. Optical sunglasses can be selected on the basis of a standard eyewear prescription.

Photochromic glasses

Most of the frames of the sunglasses can also be fitted with photochromic glasses, which darken when exposed to UV radiation. This convenient solution means you only need one pair of glasses for indoor and outdoor use.

Eagle Vision’s product range includes a great selection of sunglasses from different fashion houses. Come and try them on at the nearest store and make sunny days even more beautiful.

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