Measuring eye pressure

In addition to checking visual acuity and overall eye condition, it is possible to measure intraocular pressure quickly and comfortably at our stores.

Measuring intraocular pressure is crucial for eyes and sight, because it helps to prevent glaucoma. Glaucoma is one of the most covert eye diseases. Its progression is often unnoticed and can lead to blindness. The rise in intraocular pressure, which is the first symptom of developing glaucoma, blocks the optic nerve’s fibres and blood vessels at the base of the eye that provide nutrition for the retina. In the case of acute glaucoma attack, visual acuity drops suddenly and the person experiences severe eye pain.

We recommend measuring intraocular pressure at least once a year even if no symptoms are present.

We use Leica, Reichert and Nidek’s non-contact tonometres that make the process as easy, quick and comfortable as possible.

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