Repair and manufacture of glasses

Making spectacles is the placing of lenses into the frames selected by the customer in accordance with the prescription.

Eagle Vision spectacles are made in Tallinn, in our store at 12 Endla Street with state-of-the-art instruments. For processing spectacle lenses we use Nidek and Essilor automatic workbenches with the precision of one-tenth of a millimetre. Spectacles are made by experienced opticians.

Spectacle making can be ordered as an express service in the stores in Tallinn at 12 Endla St. if the lenses are available in stock.

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  • Eye test

    Proper eyesight tests provide a thorough overview of eye health. Because vision is the most important among the five senses, providing up to 80% of all information, we recommend that you take an eyesight test once a year. In that way, you can rest assured that your eyes are in good condition and when problems occur, you will quickly find a solution.

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  • Measuring eye pressure

    In addition to checking visual acuity and overall eye condition, it is possible to measure intraocular pressure quickly and comfortably at our stores. This allows you to track in time the elevated eye pressure and thus prevent glaucoma.

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