Essilor Visioffice® 2

Prescribing the correct multifocal lenses is somewhat more complicated than choosing conventional lenses. They also take longer to get used to. This is because multifocal lenses don’t have a specific optical power, instead it changes gradually from the top half of the lens to the bottom.

Another feature of multifocal lenses is the field of vision, which is clearest when looking straight ahead. Therefore, you should always turn your head to focus on what you want to see.

Essilor Visioffice® 2 enables dynamic 3D eye measurement, which makes prescribing suitable multifocal lenses and getting used to them much easier. This means that the dominant eye, reading distance and the centre of rotation of the eyes are also measured, which takes only a few extra minutes and is convenient, as well as non-contact.

Measurement services with Essilor Visioffice® 2 are available at Eagle Vision’s Endla 12 and Rocca al Mare shop in Tallinn, at Rakvere Põhjakeskus and and at Tartu Tasku store.

Essilor Varilux® X Series™ multifocal lenses

The results can be used to prescribe multifocal lenses, which usually reduce or completely eliminate the problems associated with conventional lenses. The field of view will expand, and you do not need to move your head any more to see far and near.
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    Proper eyesight tests provide a thorough overview of eye health. Because vision is the most important among the five senses, providing up to 80% of all information, we recommend that you take an eyesight test once a year. In that way, you can rest assured that your eyes are in good condition and when problems occur, you will quickly find a solution.

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  • Repair and manufacture of glasses

    When you have chosen frames that you find most pleasing, you also need to make sure they fit. Our experienced opticians and optometrists will make sure that the ordered spectacles will be have lenses with the right strength. Should something happen to the glasses, we will give all to find the best solution.

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